Welcome to our school’s educational project. We would like to share our passion and vocation with you: the education of children.

Driven by this desire, we present ourselves as an enthusiastic innovative teaching team, whose only concern is your children. For this reason, we know each of them and we give them the care they need. We always take the different paces of student learning into account, as well as the students’ interests. This task moves our hearts. Our secret is “Educating from one’s heart”.

Emotional education is always present with us, and it is put at the service of personal growth, learning social skills and the acquisition of the values that define us:



It is one of the essential pillars of our school. It concerns our daily lives with the others and involves a network of relationships that extends to the whole educational community.


It is about perceiving, understanding and putting oneself in the other`s shoes. It is a value that incorporates respect for others, but it goes far beyond.


It is the will, the energy and the courage. Being committed to overcome the difficulties to transform our world and make it more and more humane.



We are far away from the ostentation and conceit of our own merits. We have something to learn from all the people who come across in our lives.


God is essential in a person`s life. Therefore, we nurture religiosity and the transcendent meaning of our lives.


As a Christian school we believe that these values are necessary for the internal development of people.

Trust us! We put our heart into education.