We facilitate training in all fields of knowledge.
Young people who increase their capacity for effort and work, responsibility for daily tasks, the development of intelligence and the ability to analyse, reasoning and criticizing events; young people who gain knowledge and develop their artistic and physical skills; the will to grow as a person and being aware of the need of an excellent academic preparation in order to be true protagonists of society.


We instil and nurture human values such as inwardness, simplicity, gratuity, listening. We invest our efforts in the pupils and their integral development through knowledge, fondness for reading, ethical-humanistic training, cultivation of self-esteem, of critical thinking, love for freedom and happiness, care of their inwardness and sports activities where our students develop the spirit of sacrifice, teamwork, companionship, the will to improve and the rejection of any type of discrimination.


A full understanding of man requires us to look at Jesus of Nazareth; in Him, the person feels fully developed: in his way of looking at reality, in his compassion, in his understanding of God, in his relationship with Him, in his inwardness, in his message of justice, in his lifestyle and in his loving way of acting. We try to find creative ways to allow our students to encounter Jesus through the pastoral ministry, sacraments, prayer, Religion classes and through people who come to show them their lives of faith and commitment.




Both misery and abundance overwhelm us. It is essential that people who live in the first world may have a truthful education about reality. Our students need a social formation plan and our educators must always be in favour of justice.
It is necessary for our students to know how the economy and power work, who runs the market, what are the main problems of human beings, why so many people are starving and so many essential issues in order to understand the current events and the causes of the suffering of a good part of humanity.