The management team of School Sagrado Corazón in Barcelona, in addition to pursuing the full satisfaction of its students, parents, teachers and all the people who are part of this educational community, providing resources and an educational project appropriate to their needs, has decided to introduce into the school a philosophy of continuous improvement, to adapt to the demands of the educational market and implementing a Quality Management System which complies with the educational models accepted in Europe and in the Western world, with current education regulations and with the ISO 9001 guarantee model, which certifies the School Sagrado Corazón in Barcelona and includes in its policy.


The Quality Management System is applied to the processes for the provision of the service developed by the School Sagrado Corazón.
It is of scope to all the processes of regulated education delimited by the established legal requirements, administration, secretary directed to the development of our educative-pastoral project in the stages of Pre-school, Primary Education, Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate and of the activities and services that are carried out in the centre and are not contracted to external agents.


The Quality Policy reflects the mission, vision and values of the School Sagrado Corazón in Barcelona and in accordance with the educational project is aimed at:

  • Satisfying the expectations and educational needs of the students.
  • Contributing to the achievement of the goals that society assigns to it as an educational institution and training centre.
  • Developing and involving the whole of the human team of the centre in order to ensure a high level of satisfaction for the entire educational community.
  • Continuous improvement of the activities and services which develops and provides to the community.

The commitment to quality affects the entire organization, and continuous improvement is the responsibility of the entire professional team of the centre.

The management team reviews the policy annually and specifies it with the strategic and annual objectives. It establishes a 3-year strategic plan where the strategic objectives of the lines of action are collected and objectives are defined annually. To achieve the objectives, the activities are also defined, responsibilities and indicators are set to evaluate their compliance.


We are a state-subsidized private school that shares with parents the task of educating their children according to the Christian concept of person, life and the world.
We promote close relationships and welcoming listening, which means special attention to the tutorial work and the task of orientation.
We are part of an educational community in which all its members work as a team, incorporating the human, material and technical means, methodologies and orientation processes necessary to achieve the integral formation of the person, in accordance with the values that are promoted in the Centre; coordinated by a team of lay and religious teachers fully identified with the character of the Centre.
The evangelical message and the charism of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart provide the meaning and the foundation of our mission and lead us to changes at the organizational, pedagogical and didactic level in order to find the personal growth of all the students. We understand educational action from the point of view of collaboration, responsibility, proximity, from the heart.


We want to be a centre that guarantees the Christian, human and academic formation of our students; a centre of recognised prestige for its quality, its pedagogical innovation and its commitment to new technologies, adapting to the changes in society, in order to obtain people who are able to develop in the different aspects of life and of our society with freedom, respect, trust and generosity.
We bring to society a critical eye which is sensitive to suffering and needs, we care about empathy, solidarity and justice. This sensitivity is transformed into educational actions that bring hope and lead to the social commitment of the students.


In accordance with our identity and mission, and seeking the integral formation of the person, we consider as essential values:

  1. In the development of personal identity.
  2. In the development of the person’s openness and generosity.
  3. n the development of the spirituality and transcendence of the person.