In order to address the school diversity, the Guidance Department provides reinforcement and psycho-pedagogical advice that facilitates a better learning process and a good personal growth of our students.

It is aimed at students, teachers, and parents who are part of our educational community.



  • Collaborate in the prevention of learning difficulties of students, prioritizing those who may need some special attention.
  • To follow up and provide individualized service to students with specific educational needs, inside and outside the classroom and paying close attention to their corresponding Individualized Plans.
  • To favour the process of integration and welcome of foreign students and their families.
  • Collective tests to follow up the class group and also as a preventive measure for possible learning difficulties.

Technical support for teachers

  • To guide the educational teaching activity, accompanying the teachers in the exercise of their tutorial function at an individual level and at a group or family level.
  • Advise the teaching team at all stages of education: individually with periodic individual and group interviews, by attending and taking part in the different meetings (stage, staff and evaluation meetings).
  • Collaborate with the teaching staff in the preparation of the School’s documents. (P.E.C. y P.C.C.)

Guidance and advice of the tutorial action

  • Coordinate the follow-up of the reinforcement and re-education groups with the teachers involved.
  • To help the tutor in the vocational and professional orientation of the students.
  • Coordinate external services that help students work together: EAP, CREDA, private psychology, speech therapy, etc.
  • Evaluation of the results of collective tests of the class group and to establish the appropriate psych pedagogical intervention according to the students’ needs.