We are a Certified Multilingual School (CEM).

The Multilingual School Certification (CEM) is given by The Christian School of Catalonia Foundation to those affiliated schools that prove the implementation of various multilingual initiatives within the framework of a structured and coherent linguistic project, in a way that generates positive results in foreign language learning.

We use Catalan, Spanish and English equally, constituting the cross-cutting axis of our proposal for quality and innovation in education.

  • Certification in English through the Oxford Test of English, of which our school is a certifying centre.
  • Exchanges and periods abroad (Denmark and Ireland), school trips (England) and English Week.
  • Dual Baccalaureate (USA).
  • After school activities in English: English Drama, Robotics, Programming 3D Print & Drones.
  • Conversation and reading teachers in the English language.
  • English-language midday instructors.
  • Our project also includes French as a second foreign language.