Digital Strategy of the Centre

Our school’s Digital Strategy of the Centre aims to ensure that students finish their compulsory education at a good level of digital competence, working on each dimension in a natural way and integrated into our educational project: learning technology while using it to learn everything else.

By the end of secondary school, students are prepared to accredit digital competence (ACTIC).

We take advantage of the potential of new technologies to improve interpersonal communication and encourage teamwork dynamics that allow students to acquire values and strategies of collaborative work.

We also work on good habits and citizenship in the digital environment to achieve a respectful, critical and ethical use of ICT.

Robotics Programme

  • Pre-School with Bee-Bots – Bee-Robot: educational and programmable with intuitive interface for children.
  • Primary with Lego – An educational programme that allows you to develop language and creativity, learn science, programming, engineering and technology in the most fun effective way.
  • Secondary (ESO) with First Lego League – International Student Tournament with Arduino – Platform for electronic prototyping to create interactive electronic objects.

Tools we use:

  • Shared tablets in Pre-school and Primary (initial and middle cycle).
  • Personal tablets in Primary (upper cycle).
  • Personal laptops in Secondary (ESO).