Academic Orientation


Committed to the future of students and families, our school has a project for the academic and professional guidance of our students, which we develop in collaboration with Zeno Quantum experts.

This project aims to solve one of the main problems in the labour market: the dissociation between talent and knowledge. To do this, it is necessary to start working on the skills and identify the students’ talents from 1st ESO, creating their professional DNA and orienting them both academically and personally.

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School Integration

It consists of a cultural and linguistic immersion week, attending a school in England (for 2nd ESO students):

  • Students reside in a carefully selected host family.
  • At school they follow the same program as local pupils.
  • Students are distributed according to their linguistic level.
  • They carry out a “Family Project” with the host family.

The objectives are to stimulate conversation in English to help reinforce and strengthen language skills.


Exchange with Denmark

There is an exchange with Danish students from Bramming College in Denmark every year. The pupils of 1st Baccalaureate live this experience spending a week in Denmark sharing time with students of the same age, interacting with them and their families in English.

There are two goals:

  • Academic: the students can improve their level of English.
  • Personal: students and teachers have the opportunity to get to know in first person new ways of thinking, acting, feeling and relating, by knowing a different culture.


Trust Project (Institutional)

Based on five fundamental aspects:

  1. Multiple intelligences. The implications of Howard Gardner’s theory help us to deepen the student’s integral development and respect for individual differences, for each child’s abilities and skills.
  2. Learning based on values without neglecting the work on other values, we make explicit in the curriculum our commitment to institutional values: trust, compassion, effort, humility and spirituality.
  3. Respect for the evolutionary pace of each child. For this, we have two key instruments: personalized tutoring and attention to diversity.
  4. Reading and writing plan. We pay careful attention to reading and writing from Pre-School Education.
  5. Special attention to extracurricular activities, especially sports and free time, educational areas that favour motor, affective, social and spiritual development.


Reading Plan

The Reading Plan is committed to the implementation of an ambitious reading and writing plan in all Corazonistas schools. In our School of Barcelona, the Reading Plan promotes reading and writing of various texts in all areas. It is a program that takes the different communicative skills into account.

Some of the important activities of this Reading Plan are: our school library, reading together of a young student with an older student or the short writings in the different modalities of language.



Inwardness is integrated into the educational project of the School’s Pastoral Department, and it tries to offer students a proposal of personal and spiritual growth with an intrapersonal view of knowing oneself. The main objective is that they reach a self-knowledge that allows them to develop skills to manage their emotions.


  • Pre-school: Coras Calm (Mindfulness).
  • Primary: Growing programme
  • Secondary (ESO): “Heartbeat” Project.