Convivències sisè Viladoms de Baix

The students of sixth of Primary school have gone to Castellbell and El Vilar to the house of Viladoms de Baix. It has been three very intense days, in which we have carried out different activities that the monitors have proposed. The subject to be treated was the Greeks, so we put ourselves in the skin of a Greek, making a costume and performing a theatrical performance on Greek myths. We also could learn some constellations, although the sky was very covered and we could not see many stars.

We also made many games related to the world of the Greeks and we created our own party with a disco included. These coexistences have helped us to live together with our classmates and to organize ourselves to develop small tasks such as set the table, sweeping away the remains of food or tiding our room. In short, we can say that it has been unforgettable experience!