Pessebre i Arbre de Primaria

This is the fourth year with our tradition of making the NATIVITY SCENE and some arts & crafts activities to celebrate Christmas.

The Manger is a cooperative job because we all work together, the Primary team, in order to build the Nativity Scene of this school. Depending on the school year we made different things: main characters, animals, constructions and more.

It is placed, as it is every year, in the main entrance of our school so you can come and look at it.

The students from 2nd of Primary pretended to be bakers and baked some fantastic trees, angels, hearts and all kinds of differently shaped cookies with which they decorated the Christmas tree that you can see in the main entrance.

All students were very engaged in this activity and fully enjoyed participating in it.

We hope that you have some time to visit our beautiful Nativity Scene and Christmas Tree.

Moreover, some Primary students prepared some Christmas crafts to decorate or give as a present like crackers and Christmas decorations.

We would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a very successful 2018!!!