Nativity Scene 2016

This is the third year with our tradition of making the NATIVITY SCENE.

It is a cooperative job because we work all together, the Primary, in order to build the Nativity Scene of this school.

It is placed  at the entrance of our school. This year is the first that we placed it in the middle of the hall.

Each class was responsible for a part of the Nativity Scene. The students from primary 1st made the sky with angels, stars and bells. The students from Primary 3rd made houses, a bridge, a well,… with old boxes, some decoration clothes and jumping clay. The students from  Primary 4th made all kind of animals such as sheeps, camels, cows, pigs,…with jumping clay. Finally, students from primary 5th and 6th  made the main characters of the Nativity Scene.

The students from Primary 2nd , pretended to be bakers and baked some fantastic trees, angels, hearts and bauble shaped cookies with which they decorated the Christmas tree you can see in the hall.

All students were very engaged in this activity and fully enjoyed participating in it.

We wish you have some minutes to visit our beautiful Nativity Scene and Christmas Tree.

We would like to wish everybody Merry Christmas and a very successful 2017!!!